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eating almonds does not increase the size of breasts

Almonds said to be ineffective Neither the almonds, nor the avocados, nor the alfalfa, nor the fenugreek, nor the soy, nor the crumb of bread … nor other nonsense. Yes, I already know that the Internet and “popular wisdom” are full of such recommendations to increase the size of such admired female attributes. In addition,…

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The debts of Germany

Tired of talking about Greece’s debt , let’s talk, for example, about Germany’s , its “great rescuer” for the benefit of financial engineering and for the tranquility of the markets. To talk about this debt, it is not necessary to resort to arguments of a moral or cultural nature, which, despite their strength and certainty,…

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How to manage grants and subsidies ICO / BEI Santander

The EIB and Santander have agreed to make 1,000 million euros available to companies to finance their investments   SMEs that need medium and long-term financing to make productive investments or cover liquidity needs can benefit from the special credit lines offered by the Official Credit Institute (ICO) and the European Investment Bank (EIB). ICO lines…

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Being a “foodie” is fashionable

By definition, my character is refractory to certain labels , especially those of Anglophone origin. This one that seems to be gaining a certain presence in our environment is no exception. It is about those people who are or consider themselves foodies . What is being “foodie”? As usual, in these cases we will not…

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