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eating almonds does not increase the size of breasts

Almonds said to be ineffective

Almonds are ineffective

Neither the almonds, nor the avocados, nor the alfalfa, nor the fenugreek, nor the soy, nor the crumb of bread … nor other nonsense. Yes, I already know that the Internet and “popular wisdom” are full of such recommendations to increase the size of such admired female attributes.

In addition, this type of myths do not know about borders and we can find them in no matter what culture or country and it is that, apparently, the subject of the size of the tits is a universal issue and in all the latitudes nutritional nonsense can be found, that with greater or less diversity, they offer fraudulent solutions to “naturally” favor the increase of the lolas … of their volume, not of their number.

To be honest, I have to confess that I have sought a foothold in science that would support my words, but I have not found it. I have searched the most common scientific databases for any reference to studies, articles and others that would have questioned this type of legends and, to my surprise, I have not found any. Part of the fault, I suppose, is that neither PlayBoy , nor Hustler , nor, in another order of journals, the Sunday weeklies or Saber Vivir are indexed in such bibliographic sources. So, in fairness, it can only be said that, under the prism of science, there is no evidence that eating whatever-is influences the size of the breasts . There are not those that do not increase them and of course, there are no ones that do.


Japanese Growth Cookies?


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 Although there are hundreds of thousands of suggestions that the Internet offers after seeking natural remedies for this need. At the height of nonsense food, in Japan, there is a producer who has marketed some cookies that ensure an increase in breasts with their consumption, they are called F · cup cookies .

In most cases, whatever the food proposed for the effect in question, the explanations offered to achieve this prodigy focus on:

  • The amino acid richness of the food (as if it were a determining factor and there were not dozens of foods -which are not mentioned- with the same amount of amino acids)
  • Its content in some phytonutrients , such as flavonoids (same comment as above)
  • Its richness in vitamins and minerals (same comment as above)
  • But most especially, in most of the foods mentioned, reference is made to their content in phytoestrogens (molecules of plant origin analogous to estrogen and that would exert their effect as agonists).

This last case would be the one of the aforementioned Japanese cookies grow-tits from its content in Miroestrol obtained from a plant, Pueraria candollei mirifica , whose extracts have gone from characterizing a creame with the same intended purposes to include them by what is seen now in an absurdly nutricosmetic cookies.

The most significant is that although estrogen evidently have a lot to say in the size of the breasts (and hence the result of some hormonal treatments that pursue – or not – this effect) the effect has not been demonstrated in any case of phytoestrogens . And also note that we return to the old … there are many foods that carry this type of elements to make a positive list leaving many others in the pipeline.

Anyway, for all those women who want an increase in the size of their breasts may be interested in knowing this curious association : apparently in women who have undergone surgery for this purpose there is a considerable higher rate of suicidal behavior . This was highlighted in this article , although as you can see is not the only one who observed such an association. Therefore, the authors recommend a multidisciplinary approach (including health professionals specialized in mental health) in those women who come to their doctor with the desire to increase their breast size, especially if they have a psychopathological background.